Jan 28, 2012

The Green Fashion Competition 2012
Highlights of an amazing night!
Elsien Gringhuis, winner of last years competition, kicked the night off with an striking movie vimeo.com before starting her show. 
Dresses, skirts and trousers in stunning greens and off-white combined with black. 
Gringhuis’ new collection is characterized by simple but ravishing silhouettes.
Category 2, up-and-coming designers
Carrie Parry, fashion that makes you happy, great show and well-deserved winner.
Narelle Dore, a bit of too much spool knitting going on here, nice, but for a very select audience.
O My Bag, bags in the spotlight, nice movie, good music, eco bags with a vintage twist, a classic Dirty Harry.
Zagb,  especially loved the colorful knitted hoodie, Ibiza stuff.
Category 1, the more established labels
L’Herbe Rouge, sober and chic.
SPRB, nineties revival.
About Stat Division, I can be short and sweet, I want it all, the fur coat, fake for sure, dropped like a bomb and will become a huge hit!
Studio JUX, they are on a mission and that mission is to rule the green world. Again a great collection and winner of 25.000 euro.

The whole competition was a huge eye opener to me, finally I saw the light, green doesn’t need to be grey. 
Elsien Gringhuis

Carrie Parry

Narelle Dore

Oh My Bag

O My Bag



L’Herbe Rouge


Stat Division

Stat Division

Studio JUX
Studio JUX

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