Sep 17, 2011

Sluiz Ibiza

This year Sluiz opened a new store on Ibiza and I was told that this one was even bigger than the one at San José. Of course I had to see this for myself, so this week we took the car, left Vadella behind and went to Santa Getrudis. I’ll spare you the details how we got there, but was very happy when I finally saw the blue and white Sluiz logo. I got out of the car, said goodbye to dope head, kissed the ground and went inside. I often use the word ‘damn’, but this time I said it twice, no three times, this place is enormous! Behind every corner there is a new corridor that asks to be discovered. Tables full with the most colorful crockery, stacks with Missoni pillows, bags and Mexican blankets, racks covered with lamps, Ibizenco baskets candles and books, just too much to mention. Next to all these things they also sell food, Calve Peanut butter, this because the owners are Dutch, have a restaurant and a very cool bar and don’t forget about the colorful covered in sunlight lounge outside. Their department of clothing is well organized and as whole Sluiz very spacious and impeccable, as I was there they just had a yummy 50% Sale going on. A few of the countless brands the sell are leather bags from Cowboy, tees from American Vintage, Odd Molly, Jem Deerest and beautiful handmade painted scarves. I had a very nice talk with a few of the happy people working at Sluiz and they all love to be there, they love the concept and it shows, they all have a pretty big smile on their face!  Sluiz is a visual feast, a shop full of a zillion things that you never knew you needed but suddenly can't live without.
SLUIZ. ST. GERTRUDIS, Ctra Ibiza - St. Miquel km4
SLUIZ. ART, ctra. Ibiza/San José Km 8 

The Restaurant


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