Aug 20, 2011

Shops that put a smile on your face and let your heart stop missing a beat

Sometimes you discover shops that just make you happy. They are owned by sincere people and sell all the products you would be selling too if you had your own shop. They sell all the things you would love to wear, or sit on or lie in, or just to carry around as they look and are so damn cool! While biking through sunny Amsterdam I ran into 2 of those ‘infectious’ shops. The kind of shops you would ask your boss to transfer your whole salary to as you don’t care eating peanut butter jelly sandwiches for the rest of the month …
First of all I like you to meet Outras Coisas, which means ‘different things’ in Portuguese and  that definitely is the right name for this shop, a shop full of great treasures. Ewo, the owner of Outras Coisas  collects products from all around the world, special and different things that are hard to find in any other shop in Holland. Outras Coisas is ‘pequeno’ and that’s what I like about this shop, every corner, table and wall is covered with little and big treasures, every time you turn around you see something else you want.  For instance the beautiful jewelry from Jane Koenig and Petra Reijrink and the delicious smelling soap from Savon de Marseille. Want to cover your house with Missoni cushions or have you been looking for that one and only handmade Italian bag from Campomaggi, stop looking, go to Outras. My own ‘Outras’ treasure is a colorful ‘Jane Doe’ bag and that one already is packing her own suitcase to join me to Ibiza …
Outras Coisas, Herenstraat 31, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Another great shop is Raw Materials. The name, again, is well picked as Raw only uses and sell unpolished, weathered, used, recycled or simply old raw materials such as stone, metal, cotton, coconut, shell, wool, ceramic and tough rough leather. 
At Raw you will find, beside lightning, furniture, (Kelim) rugs and tribal art, a great bunch of leather accessories such as bags, rugs, belts and cushions.  Their basement is covered with Kelim rugs and cushions and old cabinets, lay down, close your eyes and you dream the dreams of One Thousand and One Nights. Raw doesn’t  waste one spot, every wall, sideboard, floor and table is full of the most stunning product from all around the world. I especially like the crockery they sell, strong and thick and in the most beautiful ‘vintage’ colors like old light blue, dusty purple and fated grey. And I’ll be back to buy some of the colorful and leather notebooks they sell. If only my house was a bit bigger I would buy a few of their old cabinets and tables made of scrap wood … I met Edith and Froukje of Raw just a few days ago and they truly talked with so much sincere passion about their shop, they like working there and love to tell you all about the products and where they come from. Edith is next to a sales woman a business woman too, she has her own jewelry label called Birkai, which is sold at Outras Coisas. The products at Raw carry the label of being old and handmade, they breath passion and every product has its own story to tell and memory to treasure.  Behind every corner you will find a new story and an amazing product, don’t run into this shop, take your time, in- and exhale the Raw experience. 
Raw Materials, Rozengracht 231, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Writing about Outras and Raw makes me realize that a. I need a rich boyfriend and b. that there still are so many great shops in Amsterdam that need to be discovered and ask for your attention. So I guess I soon will be writing about another ‘must-see-go-shop’! 
Till then, njoy your weekend and start saving, not that these shops are expensive, it's more the thing that you want it all!
Outras Coisas

Raw Materials

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