Aug 9, 2011

There is a new name for originality, ‘A Code of Origin’
Sometimes you come across a company you have to blog about just because it feels so good! A Code of Origin is one of those companies. Today I met Lieke, founder of A Code of Origin and this girl really put a smile on my face. The way she talks about the products, the colorful fabrics, about Laos and all the great people she met. She loves Laos, fact. She loves the culture, the kindness of the people and she adores the fabrics they make. Fabrics overloaded with old elements, special designs and covered in that great history Laos is so well known about.  Lieke and Laos first met in 2009 and fell head over heels in love with each other.  And as she couldn’t say farewell to Laos she brought it home and as of June 2011 Lieke is the proud mother of  ‘A code of Origin’, made in Laos.
The products Lieke and her Design team in Laos and Thailand develop are unique and authentic but all with a modern touch.   
So please don’t think dusty grey colors, think bright modern Ibiza colors, think happy colors! And who would have thought that a baby hat would end up in Holland as a clutch or a baby carrier as a handbag. All products have their own uniqueness, their own story and therefore their own character.
The products are as said developed in Laos and Thailand. Most of the pieces are made by the Hmong, an Asian ethnic group from the mountainous regions and by the Akha & Tai Lue people. As A Code of Origin believes in the stimulation of (fair)trade they invest 25% of the profit into a social project on Laos called ‘Love Fashion, shop for Change’.  If you want to know more about A Code of Origin’s vision and why they develop their products in Laos and Thailand, please visit their website it’s full of useful information.
For now the product line contains bags, home interior and children’s accessories.  But they are busy with developing a women’s and children’s clothing line. A Code of Origin is for sale at SWAH, The Hubshop and Sukha-Amsterdam and soon at their own webshop.
A Code of Origin doesn’t do mass production, they deliver beautiful handmade products made by local Designers with an ‘eye and taste for fashion’.  Pieces that make you happy, pieces with a memory.
I am hooked!
And happy you, as you can win one of their clutches!
Want to combine Fashion with Culture and are you interested in winning one of the clutches from the brand new collection?
Then send your most original idea how to promote the products of ‘A Code of Origin’ to
You are absolutely free in your idea of promoting and you can pick every 'A Code of Origin' product you like. Visit their website for more information about 'A Code of Origin', who they are and what they stand for.
The 3 best ideas will win a clutch of € 59,-!
Good luck!


Meet the Designers
Onsiri has been working for 10  years as a textile products designer and puts her signature in each accessories items she designs: handbags,clothes and fashion accessories, cushions covers, etc.… Her designs have strong vibrant colors and consist pieces of handicrafts… She plays with handicraft of mixed culture materials. Her working manifesto: ‘keep on unique designs, run small quantities for affordable prices’.
Simone works with a master Hmong Artist of Batik in Chiangmai. She uses blue or white indigo and stamps/ techniques to create the beautiful pattern work you can see at the collection. Her products are very diverse, but all the items have a very serene minimalistic and modern look. Working manifesto: ‘Sell quality products to the middle and top end of the market, such as boutiques’.

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