Jul 15, 2011

My picks (so far) for Humanoid Fall/Winter 11/12  
Another season and another great collection of one of my favorite brands Humanoid. 
Sure, we all know by now what to wear next Summer, but we still have a pretty long Winter in front of us and that one will be knocking on our doors before you know it ... 
Humanoid (Human-like/being) means pure comfortable luxury, elegance with an edge. Their colors are 'nature' colored pure and next to their 'normal' fabrics, like pre-washed jersey, cosy knits and sand washed silk, they specialize in the use of eco-friendly innovative fabrics such as bean and bamboo.
When in Arnhem please visit Humanoid's 'candyshop', next to their own brand they also sell great stuff from Acne, Alexander Wang, Avelon, Etoile, Hope, Monique van Helst, Anniel, Isabel Marant, Wouters&Hendrix, Face Stockholm and Yosh parfums San Francisco.
humanoid.nl (web/shop)
(and for all you who still believe it's gonna be a long hot Summer, Humanoid's Summer Sale is still on)

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