Jul 16, 2011

Institut Karité Paris
Today I bought my first lip balm from Karité Paris and I am already hooked.  Not only the balm feels good it also tastes good and the packaging is just how I like my cosmetics to be, clean and fresh. The Institut Karité Paris not only offers skin products, they also have their own Spa. Yet another reason to visit Paris!
The brand Institut Karité Paris is a French cosmetic brand which was launched in 2004. All products are developed in the company's state-of- the-art manufacturing facilities. The facility is OTC compliant, featuring R&D, Quality Control and Assurance plus the latest in manufacturing equipment and technology.
International distribution expanding at rapid pace from 2 countries in 2004 to more than 30 countries in 2007.
Institut Karité Paris® is a skincare brand which intends to respond to all skin types needs, thanks to a very exclusive and unique Shea Butter-based cosmetic line.

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