Jun 19, 2011

How to brew Coffee in a Macchinetta - espresso is always coffee, but coffee isnt always espresso.
The Macchinetta 'small machine' was created by inventor and my personal hero, Luigi De Ponti for Alfonso Bialetti in 1933 and has been a 'style icon' since the 1950's.To me coffee from a Macchinetta is the real deal,  nothing or nobody can beat my 'Netta! It's my only kick-ass start of the day. Just for a few minutes I imagine myself wandering through the streets of Rome, getting my newspaper at the local newspaper stand and sitting down at my local coffee bar ...
... Ok, let's get started, let's make you some real coffee!
First of all it's important that you get finely ground (often called “espresso grind”) coffee as other types are too coarse.
-Fill the bottom with fresh, cold water up to the middle of the safety valve
-Put the basket in the bottom, and spoon in the coffee. Don't tamp the coffee down but leave it in a rounded heap
-Screw the top onto the bottom creating a super-tight seal. Then put the pot on the stove, on low heat, for a fuller flavor
-The top part of the Macchinetta will begin to fill with coffee. When you start to hear the sputter and gurgle of the coffee, remove it from the heat
-Serve hot, with or without sugar, with or without steamed milk, but always serve it with love and a smiel

Italian coffee is the creme de la crema ...

When in Rome, I drink my coffee@santeustachioilcaffe.it
In Amsterdam, I get my beans@koffietheeenkruiden.nl


  1. at Mondo Mediterraneo Uptown we serve only coffee made with " Macchinetta del Caffe' "
    come by only if you have got the pace and time to wait for the coffee to come out

  2. Sweetieeeeeee!:-) will you be there on Wednesday of Friday?