Apr 22, 2011

Sabarly, a shop avec passion
Already 8 years ago Lisa and Florian started Sabarly on the Haarlemmerstraat 119 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
The first few years only men were the lucky ones who could get dressed at Sabarly, but now finally we women are in for a treat too. A few weeks ago Sabarly opened a whole floor especially for us, oh boy, oh boy ‘Sabarly pour femmes’!
Lisa talked with so much passion about the shop and the brands so I had to write a piece about it and make you enthusiastic too.
Brands that will make you drool, well I needed a tissue when I first went in …
How about the Scandinavian brand Whiite, clean, fresh, just what we like about the Danes … Before going to Denmark you will hit Germany and from Berlin comes Mayerpeace, tailor-made jackets, tops made from old French embroidered pillowcases, piece by piece design jewels! From Italia they got Pianura, stunning knitted dresses and Pennyblack, the second clothing line from Max Mara with soft cardigans, sweet for a chilly night. And then there is Penn and Ink, shabby chic and uber comfy, with a collection from our own Dutch top model Robine van der Meer.
Got a party? Lisa got you some festive skirts from Ted Baker, wear it with a long coat from Crossley and you will make a great entrance!
But also your feet are in for a treat at Sabarly! Embroidered Mexicana boots, short, middle, long, they got them all. Italian Pertini, a ‘men’ shoe with a female touch, with ribbons instead of laces. And if you were looking for those great boots from L'autre … in a few weeks Sabarly will make some room for those too… And then my personal favorite, Bensimon, oh la la, think Brigitte Bardot, act BB, worn by all famous French movie stars in all colors of the rainbow and Sabarly can even give you the whole French-actress make-over as they also sell the clothing line of Bensimon. So get your petit les fesses to Sabarly and let me know what you think of this new pearl in my street!

Penn and Ink
Penn and Ink



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