Apr 15, 2011

Painted Ladies by Tanya Ling

by Lauren Milligan (Vogue)

Artist Tanya Ling, mother of model and blogger Bip Ling, brings the catwalk shows to life in her beautiful paintings and illustrations - and she has exclusively shared her autumn/winter 2011-12 offering with VOGUE.COM.
"I like to go to the show and then I study the looks in detail," Ling explained. "Naturally I'm drawn to the looks that inspire me and these are the ones I work on. I work on a number of drawings at a time and work on them over a couple of days. I'll make a mark - let it dry - forget about it - remember it - add something else - chuck it in the bin - start again - make a drawing - turn the music up - put it on the wall - take it off the wall - put some paint on - add a border - turn it over and sign the back - turn it back and smudge the eye brows - put it in a box."
And her favourite?
"Miu Miu and Nina Ricci were the shows that stood out for me," Ling said. "But the illustrations, I like them all for different reasons. The illustration for Jil Sander has a Twenties feel to it. The tangerine colour of the Celine piece sets it apart from the rest. I like how I've revealed (ever so subtly) the pattern of the coat fabric on the Louis Vuitton look."

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