Apr 16, 2011

11 festival for fashion & photography in Vienna June 6 - June 11th

Vienna - City of Fashion! This short headline perfectly captures the quintessence of the festival for fashion & photography. Being a city of fashion, however, does not mean to compete against business capitals, such as Paris, Milan, London or New York, for a piece of the big fashion action. Vienna is a fashion city, in which, over the last 10 years, an unbelievably lively and creative fashion scene has evolved. Many designers present their collections on an international level, yet have deliberately chosen Vienna as their home base.

Vienna is a fashion metropolis which, through its very own, individual nature, has managed to create a striking profile not only in Austria, but also on the international stage. The annual festival for fashion & photography contributes to this profile.
A festival of culture, it celebrates Austrian fashion and photography beyond the pressures of the business, presenting not only the best newcomers, but also the most interesting established designers and photographers who will be publicly honoured as part of one of the festival´s highlights - the awarding of the official Austrian fashion awards - AFA Austria Fashion Awards.
Culture also means to build on tradition and to transform it into something new through an innovative spirit. For this reason, the festival will be dealing with the topic of traditional crafts as an important source of inspiration for contemporary fashion.
This year´s festival campaign illustrates contemporary art´s lasting influence on fashion: for the first time this year it is conceived by internationally renowned artist Erwin Wurm. Together with the grand dame of Austrian fashion photography, Elife Semotan, he creates sculptures that represent a strong statement, both on fashion and art.
Vienna is a city of fashion - this year once again from 6 to 11 June 2011.

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