Jan 25, 2011

CLIFFLEE Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2011 Hightlights
courtesy Pascal Moncapjuzan



  1. Beautifully appealing style; like the glowing mannequins which highlight the creative fabrics; absolutely love the collection. Great work!

  2. Dear,
    Thank you so much about your comment.
    I went to the show yesterday and it truly was amazing. Hereby I send you the press release to help you understand the haute couture show a bit better.
    Kind regards,

    C L I F F L E E
    Haute Couture
    press release PARIS couture week SS2011


    For Spring/Summer 2011, CLIFFLEE translates the savage elements and the organic nature of a garden to fabrics and textures in his Secret Garden.

    The use of patrinia yellow, water lily rose, magnolia white, iris blue, pansy purple and grass green express the vibrant youth and the wildness of a deceiving beauty of the vegetation. A vegetation that also symbolizes the constant changes of the joy and the sadness of our daily life.

    Butterflies and moths are used as trompe l’oeil motifs in this collection to illustrate this secret garden. They may appear to be traditionally printed, silk screened, hand-painted or embroidered but are actually hand-cut and hand-sprayed, arranged chiffon pieces and ostrich feathers, manipulated to create the illusion as if they were printed. The idea was inspired by the impressionism technique of the brush stroke where each little feather represents a stroke (like an insect as well). Instead of painting with a brush, it’s painted with fabrics and feathers being "sprayed" on the fabric. A second layer of fabric is then placed on top as if the insects are now trapped for us to admire forever.

    In addition, there are also weightless, synthetic white styrofoam pearls used to make prints that depicts the fireflies illuminating the garden at night. When you shake the fabric, the pearls move around in a random direction like the fireflies. The pearls move around static and eventual fall off over a period of time. Another shake will bring a new print comes to life again and no two “prints” will ever look exactly the same.

    Transparent silk organza and chiffon and the simple refined silhouette shapes of this collection allows us to admire the delicate insects trompe l’oeils and the sensuality of a woman trapped underneath.

  3. love the images, the glowing mannequins and the detailing on the garments...great post.

  4. Thanks Rachel, much appreciated!

  5. Hi,
    really impressed... fantastic collection.

  6. Thank you so much, I will tell him, or will you? ;-)